Maria Afentakis 1

Maria Afentakis

Maria Afentakis is a research scientist with degrees in Biochemistry (BSc) Neuroscience (MSc) and has been working as a scientific researcher in the field of breast cancer research for 10 years at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

Maria has been a tutor to many GCSE and A-level science students since graduating in 2002. From a young age, she has been highly sensitive to energetic fields of places and people and has always been fascinated with archangels, angels and elemental beings.

For the last few years this fascination has turned into her being more connected to these divine beings through meditation, exploration and study. It was revealed to her in a channelled message from the angels that she is actually an ‘incarnated angel.’

Her role in life is to represent the angelic realm and help individuals connect with their energetic aura and teach them the science behind spirituality.

As well as having a high level of scientific knowledge and skills, Maria is a gifted intuitive reader and channel, clairvoyant, angelic reiki practitioner, animal reiki practitioner and crystal healer. Maria has been blessed with spiritual gifts to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, to educate others in gaining the scientific background to help them understand spirituality and to bring them peace and balance in their everyday lives.