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18th, 19th & 20th October 2019

Alexandra Palace

Jean Marc 1

Jean Marc Degioanni

Jean Marc is a gifted energy healer and founder of the Infinity Alignment technique, a multi-dimensional healing modality that complements mainstream medicine.

Since a young age, Jean Marc has been channelling information from his spiritual guides who have shown him how to use nature to rebalance and regain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Working with Jean Marc’s sensitivity and ease of opening psychic doors, they were easily able to impart the knowledge of working with the “Seen” to help people, animals, lands and buildings!

Having the innate understanding of nature and laws of life Jean Marc studied Naturopathy, Life Alignment, Iridology and Nutrition, qualifying as a naturopath in 2012 and a nutritionist in 2013. Jean Marc channelled the technique of Infinity Alignment in 2012 and set up the School of Infinity Alignment in 2016.