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Danielle Collins

Danielle Collins, the World leading Face Yoga Expert, Author and a renowned authority in Yoga and Wellbeing, believes in a holistic and natural approach to health, fitness and beauty and her philosophy is that we should all have the opportunity to use simple, effective techniques to look and feel the very best version of ourselves.
Danielle has 15 years of experience teaching worldwide and is a regular on TV and in the press. She is the founder of The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method and there are over 500 teachers of her Method internationally. She has a passion for helping people glow from the inside out and shares this with millions of people around the globe.
Danielle’s Method combines face exercise, face massage, acupressure and wellness for beautiful skin and a happy mind. Her latest book, Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga is a wonderful reference guide to key Face Yoga techniques and lifestyle tips.
You can follow Danielle on Instagram @faceyogaexpert and Facebook, The Face Yoga Expert.