2nd October 2019
Author and psychologist Dirk de Sousa launches his new online course ‘Natural Healing with Lucidity’ at Mind, Body Soul Experience at Alexandra Palace 18-20th October 2019.
“All self-healing begins with self-insight.” – Dirk de Sousa
Replace psychological suffering, inner conflict, destructive thought patterns and recurring negative emotions with inner health, evolution and transformation. ‘Natural Healing with Lucidity’ provides the tools for the natural resolution of psychological suffering and enables self-healing. Natural Healing with Lucidity follows on from the success of de Sousa’s first online course ‘Discover your Potential’. It includes 25+ hours of teaching via videos, audio exercises, articles and diagrams. It can be accessed anywhere you have internet access and can be fitted into even the busiest life. Each participant is accompanied by a trained tutor offering clarification, support and further information. What is Lucidity? “Lucidity, I maintain, is almost always desirable.” – Yi-Fu-Tuan Lucidity is the ability to recognise the psychological events that take place in your mind, to experience and understand them without being controlled by them. It is the ability to assess situations in your world with a mind unclouded by conditioned emotions or automatic thoughts. Lucidity exists beyond yourself, beyond intelligence. Lucidity is connected to lasting contentment, to your ability to make the right choices and to access your real potential. Importantly, Lucidity can be profiled and measured using the LQ Test®, now available online. Improve your Lucidity Quotient and you could bring real contentment into your own life and into the lives of those around you.
Who is Dirk de Sousa?
As an original voice in modern psychology, the bestselling author unlocks personal insight and self-knowledge, guiding you in the search for an end to psychological suffering, for emotional resilience and contentment in all spheres of life. In his work, he seeks to balance the exigencies of the modern world with inner health, understanding and self-insight. For decades, de Sousa has worked successfully as therapist, coach and consultant, numbering among his clients many well-known names in politics, the media, professional athletics and international business. He also provides private counselling to couples and to parents of children in crisis. Dirk de Sousa gained his license to practise psychotherapy in Germany in 2004. In 2009, he embarked on a two-year-period of self-examination, self-reflection and growth, then spent a further two years in empirical studies, and began to recognize the new insights he had gained in others as well. In 2015, de Sousa brought together the sum of his progressive thinking in his first book The Self Beyond Myself: The natural way to end psychological suffering, which is now available in three languages. He went on to coach three Swiss Olympic teams and accompanied them to the Olympic Games in South Korea in 2018. With the success of this collaboration, he defined innovative new standards for psychological coaching in national performance centres in Switzerland, and trains both national and regional coaches. He also facilitates general courses and retreats for professionals and private individuals. In his first book, The Self Beyond Myself, de Sousa argued that the first step to real freedom and contentment is to gain insight into our own inner self with the right form of self-reflection. Dirk de Sousa terms the capacity for this insight, Lucidity. Lucidity includes the ability to recognize and act on what we encounter within, empowering us to make our own psychological choices rather than being controlled and limited by our early conditionings and automatisms. In his most recent work, de Sousa breaks down Lucidity into four qualities – contentment, mental clarity, self-reflection and psychological maturity – and shows how it can be objectively measured and improved, leading to a greater degree of mental freedom, inner unity, and real and enduring contentment.
More information and interviews: Louise Bostock louise@livelucidity.com, www.livelucidity.com

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